Here is a map of some trees on the park, click the box on the top right to open it in Google maps.

If you click on the tree icons you can find out more about each type of tree and see some photos of the actual tree. You might need to click on 'more info' for this or scroll in the left-hand panel, depending on your device.

Or see our tree trail!

  • Here is another link to the map of sample trees in the park with names, locations, pictures and a link for further information. This may work better on some devices.

  • Here is a file that you can open with to navigate the trees on the park. is a good mapping alternative to Google Maps for local travel, using Open Street Maps. You can install it on your Google / Android phone and probably on iPhones too.

  • You may also have luck with this on a laptop / desktop computer with Google Earth.

  • Tree trail - a suggested route around the park to see the trees

Avenue picture courtesy of Tony Worrall